A Child has to build skills in six different areas of development. These Developmental areas are :
I. Physical & Motor Skills
II. Cognitive Development
III. Environmental Studies
IV. Socio-Emotional Development
V. Creative Development
VI. Language Development
The Pearl believes that there is a tremendous scope for improvement to achieve these Developmental Milestones in a systematic and scientific manner.

The pearl is an exceptional educational programme that introduces academics through activities which not only invigorate the mind of a child, but also boost independence ,confidence and self esteem. The Pearl enables children to capture their imagination, and offers them a learning environment where they can make discoveries , solve problems and think independently. A core belief at The Pearl is that no single method of instruction is all comprehensive. Hence, We have come up with a melting pot Approach which uses both- traditional and progressive methods of instructions, to develop a well rounded curriculum that encourages social, academic and emotional growth of the child.