IMG-20140521-WA0001-300x225Debate is extremely important to our survival as a civilized world. Talking about issues and trying to figure out how to solve them, not only makes the World go round, make people smarter(reading, writing and researching are its core parts), and makes it easier for us to handle issues when they arise, but it has also been used for millennia as a way of passing on and changing cultural norms, laws and even mindsets. So even if YOU aren’t a debater,(though most of the highly influential people in our universe, are or have been), it is very important that debates happen in many different settings.

In our school we organized An Inter House Hindi Debate on 8 May 2014 in which students spoke in favour and disfavor of the topic and tried to bring the equality among boys and girls with their determined opinions. Rose House and Lotus House got First position.