An Annual Athletic Meet was organized on 23-24 Dec.13 in which sportsmen were honoured for their achievements on the play field. The Chief Guest Ms. & MR. Jagjeet Ahuja, renowned Docs of Panipat graced the occasion. Mass P.T., Band Drill, Aerobics, Circus and Jingle Bell Dance were the centre of attraction before the sports event. Balloon Race, Lemon Race, Book-Balance Race, High Jump, Relay Race, Hurdle Race, Tug of War, Sack Race, 100 m. Race, 200 m Race and many more were held. Sub juniors took part in most interesting races such as Umbrella, Butterfly, Couple and shoe races. The parents were also involved in these sporting events as Saree Folding Race & Make Up Race for mothers and Tug of War for Parents. They felt honored while standing on the victory stand with medals remembering their student life.